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The £5 Amazon find that keeps your sink clear all year round

If you have ever had a blocked sink and you have not been able to clear it, then you have no option but to call out a plumber This could be a £ 75-£100 call out charge for what might be a 30 min visit. Luckily this issue can be avoided and for £5.00 it…
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Using VR Tech To Design Your Room

Traditional room design is usually done by sketching a rough outline on paper, or for a more accurate design, by using graph paper. Drawing a floor plan to scale is often worth the extra effort to aid the design process and can really help you visualise things. Software programs like Adobe illustrator and Smart Draw…
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Declutter your Home

Clutter can cause Anxiety and can be a significant source of stress in our lives. Clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli (visual, olfactory, tactile), causing our senses to work overtime on stimuli that aren’t necessary or important. If you’re not taking care of the clutter in your home, you may not be taking care of yourself either. Clutter…
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Refresh your living room with rugs and throws

Rugs Your living room can be enhanced with the simple addition of a new rug or throw that will transform your existing space. Plain to abstract, muted to bright, rugs and throws are an ideal way to visually optimise space in both large and small rooms as well as add another layer of comfort, colour and…
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From Backstage To Centre Stage Many decades ago, the kitchen was small dark space hidden at the rear of the house. It was a place where meals were prepared and dirty plates were washed by hand. Jump forward a few years to 2019 and the kitchen has a much different role. The kitchen has become the focal…
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