Small Space Dining

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Small Space Dining

Dining in small spaces does not have to be difficult. We have a few tips and ideas that will help you make the most of your limited space

Using colour

Small spaces can sometimes be dark, especially if you don’t have much natural light coming in. Colour choice is key to ensure that you make the space inviting and a comfortable place to eat.

Image courtesy of Ideal Home magazine

In our previous post “8 Top Hallway Decorating ideas” we discussed the use of colour and the science behind it, so check this out if you haven’t seen it.

White can work well in a small space, but be careful with stark white, as it can make any size room feel cold. Soft tones of cream, butter or ivory are good choices, as are whites with a touch of greygreenblue or even pink. Layer complementary shades of white, create an accent wall or choose accessories in a favorite colour.

Dining for Two

If you only have two people in your house then dining for two can be made cosy and practical with the use of folding table. Folding tables are great when space is limited, as they can be closed down or moved to one side when not in use. This multi-purpose piece could also double up as a desk space in smaller homes.

Bench seating

Make use of a corner to create a bench seat. This doubles up as a great place to store table cloths, table runners and place mats

Image courtesy of drinkbaar

Breakfast Bar addition

Maximise the space in your kitchen by adding a slim breakfast bar and a couple of stools. Utilising a plain wall provides a much needed eating space and an additional worktop.

Image courtesy of Hello magazine

Extended dining

Small space dining tables sometimes need to grow, especially if you have a family or visitors to feed. The use of an extending table provides a perfect solution that expands to fit your requirements.

This table from is a perfect balance between practicality and modern dining. Its sleek design and flexibility will fit perfectly in any small space dining room.

Table lighting

A dining room is used a lot more at night time and you can be a little bit more dramatic. Low level lighting is so integral to a dining table and can it makes it so much more intimate. You may choose a single or multi light arrangement dependent on the size of table you use.

It’s really important that your light works in scale with your dining table, but if in doubt we always recommend the bigger, the better. If you’ve got a small table then one central pendent light is the way to go.

Image provided by Wayfair

Get light from Windows

Placing a dining table near to a window allow for a much light as possible to flood your eating space. Make use of tight spaces by using minimalist size furniture and simple table accessories.

Optimise by adding a circular arrangement of seats to maximise occupancy.

Multi use furniture

Make use of existing furniture and add a table and extra chairs

Dining table with four triangulate stools, practical and compact and can be used as a coffee table while watching TV.

Get Creative

Image provided by Furniture fashion

This “Swing”table from a German manufacture is ingenious. It is a dining table that allow you to leave the table set then swing it out of the way to create display shelving. Check out the video below.

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