Refresh your living room with rugs and throws

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Refresh your living room with rugs and throws


Your living room can be enhanced with the simple addition of a new rug or throw that will transform your existing space.

Plain to abstract, muted to bright, rugs and throws are an ideal way to visually optimise space in both large and small rooms as well as add another layer of comfort, colour and texture.

Choosing the right rug for the space is important. ( say “If you want to create the feeling of spaciousness then light colours and simple patterns are the ways forward. Light colours and simple designs can create an amazing feeling of expansion and really open up a space, however if you are looking to make a space cosier then rugs that have darker colours and more ornate or dense patterns tend to work better.”

If the focal point of a room is a fireplace it is usually best to choose a rug that has a subdued all-over pattern or a plain rug that compliments the surroundings so that it does not become a distraction

1. Plain Rugs

This neutral tone rug from Laura Ashley complements a wide variety of modern or traditional furniture and contrasting wall colours.

image courtesy of Laura Ashley

Hanna Yellow rug

This non shedding shaggy pile rug add colour and brightness ideal with soft muted wall colours, like pale creams and greys

2. Patterned

This stunning hand-tufted wool rug make a global design statement crafted in the subtle but sophisticated Desai Murray Wool Navy/Ivory and creates the elegant look for today’s lifestyle interiors

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Tamarisk Hand-Tufted Grey/Yellow rug

A perfect geometric design in colourful hues. This will look great in any living room bringing a contemporary flair to any home.

3. Asian inspired

Afshar rugs originate from Southeastern Iran, around the town of Kerman and are considered to be among the best examples of nomadic weaving. The primitive and beautiful designs in geometric shapes, usually in blue and red colour are unique. Afshar rugs are also known in the market under the name Sirdjan. The city Sirdjan is a collection point for the Afshar carpets and is located in the southwest of Kerman province.

Tilleul Vintage Persian Rug

Persian-style motif with an intricate geometric floral pattern and medallion border. The medium grey colour palette adds versatility to this piece, while the distressed detailing adds character.


Qashqai rugs are woven by nomads who live in the mountainous areas of Southwest Persia, the provinces of Fars, Khuzestan, south of Isfahan and around the city Shiraz. Their rugs have a wide variety of designs, usually in deep red and blue colours. Kilims and decorative textiles (ribbons, bags, etc.), which depict scenes from their lives with various representation of humans, animals, birds, trees and flowers. 

4.Traditional Rugs

Enliven wooden floors or add pattern to neutral carpets with this traditional rug, featuring a Persian design and neutral tones. Add a traditional touch to your living room with this ornate rug, featuring a classic design.

Temple Cream Rug

Inspired by classic traditional medallion designs. These rugs are distinguished by the beautiful attention to detail.

Image courtesy of The Rugs Warehouse

5. Floral Rug

King William Multi-coloured Rug to brighten any living room.

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Inspiration Pink/Cream Rug

The Inspiration Pink/Cream Rug embraces the past with its timeless design. The filigree floral elements and pastel tones give the rug an exquisite look.

Image courtesy of Wayfair


A throw is a common accessory to furnishings. They’re more than simply functional; they are stylemakers that add pattern, colour and warmth to any room. They are lightweight, can be draped anywhere.

Wayfair Polka throw

The Fringed Polka throw from Wayfair can be added to a sofa or chair and matched with a pair of cushions and accessories.

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Henley Throw

This Henley Plaid and checked throw will enhance any chair or sofa. This could be matched with cushions and curtains.

Allegheny Throw

Finished with knotted tassels and a hint of ochre brings a contemporary feel to this Bohemian inspired patterned throw.

Image courtesy of Wayfair

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