8 Top Hallway Decorating Ideas

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8 Top Hallway Decorating Ideas


First impressions matter and when it comes to your hallway. It is the first thing people see when entering your home. Make a bold statement that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

The Hallway is a transitional space that lead off to other rooms in your house, This can sometimes be the most neglected space in your home. We are often very cautious with colour and go for neutral colours that make the space feel more like a corridor that no-one ever remembers.

You might also want to create the right focal points of interest in the space with seating or a hat stand. Removing unwanted clutter like shoes,bicycles and shopping bags that sometimes get left here to create extra space. We have some ideas that you will hopefully find useful.

Bicycle in hallway
image courtesy of Dulux

Choosing the correct colour scheme

Hallways tend to be small spaces and so don’t go for really dark colours that will make the space feel even smaller. If you are looking to add bright colours and are pretty neutral usually, then this might be the best place to try it, You may want to use colours of the sun or a warm golden glow. Maybe bring the outside in with subtle shades of leafy greens or colours that create an emotional response like plum . Gillian C Rose, the founder and Director of Color and Light is a seasoned New York Global Interior designer and she uses colour to create balance and harmony in a space. The science of color website give you a great understanding about how we experience colour and the video below by Gillian C Rose explains more in detail.

‘Hallways normally lack natural light and therefore light reflective colours work a treat to make the space feel bigger and more welcoming. White or light grey are great options, or light patterned wallpaper.’ – Danielle Parisi, wallpaper designer, The Room Alive

It is important to consider the size and length of your hallway when selecting a colour palette. If the ceiling is low, you can make it appear taller by selecting colours that will create an optical illusion. In this case, avoid making the ceiling the same colour as the walls.’ Gillian C. Rose

Focal points

Focus on the parts of your hallway that you want to be the focal points. As an example you might create a patterned tiled floor that immediately draws the eye.

Tiles by Wickes

Paint doors with a darker colour to add contract to lighter walls. Hue.ol.ogy, for example, who have a passion for paint, use black paint on the doors and stair handrail to contrast perfectly with the white door frames and staircase spindles.

images courtesy of hue.ol.ogy

Wallpaper can add a touch of class to any hallway and patterned wallpaper can draw the eye making a great focal point.

image courtesy of House Beautiful

Create an accent wall with subtle lighting to add texture to your space.

image courtesy of homeedit.com

Colours to avoid

‘Hallways, by nature, are typically dark, so avoid the user of Brown, green, grey, telephone box red, and any of the primary colours. These are dark and very strong colours. You might be surprised to know that Primary colours in small spaces may give off to much vibration and stimulation for us to absorb, causing unwanted headaches, loss of attention span and in some cases, even feelings of nausea. When deciding on a palette, if you are seeking drama, consider the level of sheen as well as the colour. You may also want to consider what colours the other adjacent rooms your hallways are coming of off as well as leading towards.’ – Gillian C. Rose

Zoning areas

If you have larger than average hallway then Zoning Areas works a treat to make hallways look even bigger. This may be a seating area, organising corner storage or wall filled with your favourite family photographs, a great work of art or an area with your favourite plants. Whatever it is that makes you instantly feel at home.

white storage bench seat from sofa and home
image courtesy of mulestable

Lighting brightens any space

‘Lighting plays just as important role as colour does when creating a mood. After all there is no colour without light. If your hallways are simply designated points from A to B, then you want to make sure that your walkway is clearly lit. If you are interested in creating a specific mood, than you may want lights that will wash over your wall colours. Alternatively, you could illuminate your ceilings with uplights that bounce light off of the ceiling and then reflect down into the entire hallway.’ – Gillian C. Rose

Lighting is vital for creating a relaxing atmosphere right from first entering your home. Hallway lighting should be both functional and energy-efficient, providing various light sources that give the hallway a strong structure, making it easier for guests to position themselves.Create opulence by lighting the hallway with a bold centre piece like a chandelier. Wayfair offer a great selection of chandeliers and hallway lighting to choose from. Directions lighting, like spot light, or downlights can be used to highlight a specific section of a wall. For example a painting or featured ornament.

Energy efficient lamps should be used in your lighting to save energy usage and cost on your utility bill. Websites like Led Hut offer a wide range energy efficient lamps of fitment types to suit all lighting fixtures.

Smart lighting is also become more affordable for most homes. Automating lighting to come switch on the hallway lighting as you approach your front door is now possible with equipment from manufactures like Philips and Ikea.

Choosing the right flooring

Your hallway experiences some of the highest footfall in the entire house, the entrance to a home will always suffer from wear and tear. Make sure you opt for a smart choice of flooring and something that’s hardwearing. A porcelain tile will help to minimise any deterioration while still allowing homeowners to maintain something stylish and design-led, thanks to the choice in prints and patterns that they come in. Porcelain or ceramic tiles offer practical solutions and are available in a range of styles and colours to suit any design scheme. Hardwood floor are an excellent alternative to tiles and more hardwearing than you would expect. Vinyl give a clean fresh look to any hallway. It is easy to install and maintain, extremely hardwearing and most brands come with a 25+ years guarantee.


 ‘If you’ve got a corridor, hallway or narrow space you want to make better use of then it is worth spending an hour or so getting it organised, and suddenly that poorly utilised space will become a dream area. By running lengths of peg rails along the walls you can create clever storage solutions and can hang not just coats and hats but bags and gardening equipment such as watering cans, brushes and trowels. Add a run of overhead shelving above or around head height to store boxes and baskets and keep shoes and bits and bobs off the floor. Keep the clutter under control as all too often a corridor or hallway can become a dumping ground. Make sure there’s a home for everything and everything has a home.’ – Cato Cooper

Image courtesy of Dunelm


Mirrors make a great addition to a hallway space and provide a simple way of creating an illusion of space in more compact hallway areas. If you’re main feature wall is straight in front of you as you enter then place a large square or rectangular mirror across this space to give the impression of a larger and more open interior area. For a more retro feel that is simple yet stylish then select a simple black framed circular mirror that will look great on white and bold painted walls or select a more intricate carved rococo design in gold or silver leaf that will look fabulous in more period styles of houses. Alternatively add a floor length mirror near any coat hanging space you may have for those last minute outfit checks before you leave the house.

image courtesy of Dunelm

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