10 Garden Makeover Ideas

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10 Garden Makeover Ideas

Now winter is out of the way and Spring is in the air, its time to get your garden in shape and get it ready for the summer. Winter can take its toll on your garden and make it look at little tired. We have some ideas to help you put the life back in and give it a boost.

There are plenty of simple updates that can be achieved and will make a huge difference to the appearance of your outdoor space. Whether it’s a small or large garden, there are plenty of garden ideas to boost your space. From simple garden lighting to inexpensive outdoor furniture ideas, pretty planting to statement outdoor styling for summer garden parties, there are a multitude of smart ways to make your garden great without breaking the bank. All it takes is a little planning and a few clever tricks. We have 10 ideas to get you started.

1. Paint Your Fences

Standard fence panels that you by from your local DIY store tend to be in standard Green, Brown or Golden stain. Why not add some colour and instantly make your garden stand out from your neighbours. You may choose a bold bright colour like Yellow or Orange, maybe a Blue or Violet. Cuprinol have a great range of colours that will freshen up any tired looking fence, keeping it looking good for up to 6 Years.

If a solid colour is not your cup of tea, then why not have a go at adding a mural to your fences. This will be a unique statement piece adding some personality to your garden. Its simple to do with some preparation and perseverance. And of course if you make a mess or dont like it, you can always add another coat of paint and cover it up. Try it you might surprise yourself. Here are are few ideas from Pinterest.


Need know where to start? Check out this Video from TV Channel HGTV

2. Bedding Plants and Borders

Bedding plants can be grown from seed or grown in pots and planted when grown. They are ideal to create a border around your garden adding vibrant colour.

First you want to make sure you are weed free. You don’t want to plant your new lovely border only to find that weeds want to steal the limelight. Check out this video common weeds you will find in most common gardens.

The RHS have some good advice on the types of plants you should use when creating you borders.

Frost-tender half-hardy annuals (HHA) such as cosmosnemesia, marigolds can be grown in pots and complete their life cycle in one season


Half-hardy perennials (HHP) live for several years, usually flowering from the second season. Frost-tender, and often discarded at the end of the season, yet they can be overwintered if given frost protection. Examples include: Bellis (daisy), begonia, Pelargonium (geranium) and lobelia. Note: some perennials, such as Bellis (daisy), busy Lizzies and Viola (pansy) are grown as annuals or biennials.

Begonia border
Begonia border

Half-hardy or tender sub-tropical plants such as banana plants, cannas and palms often form a focal point or centrepiece for bedding schemes. Succulents can be useful for creating patterns

Cannas border

Hardy perennials or shrubs such as Erica (winter-flowering heather), euphorbia and heuchera can give valuable flower and foliage colour through the winter months. Saxifraga, sedum and sempervivum are excellent for green roof and vertical modular wall planting. Additionally, agave, dwarf conifers, cordylines, Phormium (New Zealand flax) and ornamental grasses can provide a central focus for beds and containers.

Erica flower

Bulbs can be mixed with biennial bedding plants will give combinations of colour in the early spring months. Try planting allium, Anemoneblanda, crocus, hyacinth, early-flowering Iris reticulata and tulips.

Allium border flowers
Allium border

Gravel or pebble boarders are also an alternative for the less green figured among us. The addition of gravel boarders can also give some design to your garden and break up the square or oblong lawns found in many homes.

Gravel border in a garden

3. Handing baskets

Your fence has a new coat of paint so it now time to decorate it with some burst of colour and aromas. Hanging basket come in various sizes, shapes and materials and can be fence or wall mounted.

Hanging plants on a fence

Like these metal plant hangers? Get some here for your garden fence

Wall planter

Get your own wall mounted planter here.

Pot plants hanging on a fence

Get your own metal planter here

4. Add a Patio or Deck

Lawns are great, but the addition of a Patio or Deck area makes your outdoor space more useable. Whether its entertaining friends with drinks or a meal, a freestanding hard area allows you to bring the indoors outside.

image courtesy of Pete Sims
image courtesy of B&Q

Want to lay your own Patio? Here’s some expert advise from Marshalls.

Wood and composite decking can also be effectively used to build a outdoor area useful for entertaining.

This composite decking from Eco Escape UK provides a great example of the use of composite decking material as an alternative to traditional wood. You get the looks but not the upkeep required with traditional wood deck.

Want to build your own decked area. Check out this handy video courtesy of Wickes

5. Relax In a Hammock

Laying in a Hammock can be a relaxing way to spend a few hours just chilling . If you have a couple of trees, its relatively simple to tie the hammock between the two trees.

Garden hammock

But what if you only have one tree. Not really useful for a Hammock on its own, is it? Don’t worry, you can still hang your Hammock to one tree and create a removable post sunk into your garden. Once you have finished for the afternoon, just untie the Hammock and remove the post. Check out this video on how to add a removable post.

Don’t have any trees? The fully framed Hammock are available. These can be rested on your Lawn or Patio area.

image courtesy of Amazon

6. Create a Calm Space with Water

The peaceful sound of a babbling brook or a softly falling waterfall can have immediate calming effects on our bodies, minds, and souls. This can be achieve in your garden by installing a water feature. This maybe a small solar powered unit that requires no electricity and mains water supply, to a professional designed and installed feature.

These two Solar Powered Water feature example are simple to install and maintain and can be placed almost anywhere in your garden. It even works at night by storing energy during the day.

image courtesy of Amazon
image courtesy of Amazon

Professional installed Water features can be expensive, but the overall look can be impressive and add value to your home. Water feature Specialist have some great designs that you can check out here and in the video below

video provided by waterfeaturespecialist

Fancy having a go at building your own out of an old large plant pot? Check out the DIY video that shows you step by step on what you need to do to create your own Water feature.

7. Outdoor Buildings

Outdoor building can be useful not only for storage of gardening equipment, bicycles etc, but can be use as extended living or working space.

This is stunning addition to any garden, making this Spruce oval log cabin office the main focal point. Its contemporary design is the ideal choice for a modern take on a summerhouse.

image courtesy of Tuin

This corner summerhouse from Garden Buildings Direct takes up minimal space, but provides a lovely place to sit on those warm summer days.

tongue and groove corner summerhouse

If you have a large garden, then a more substantial outbuilding might be the one for you. This stunning example from Tuin has a side annex for storage and also features a small front porch. It has double glazed windows could be used as a guest room when visitors come to stay.

Beautiful log cabin

For a professional installed , fully insulated summerhouse look no further than this beauty from Projecttimber.com. This stunning modern design will transform any garden into a luxury place to relax or work.

8. Add The Sounds And Colour Of Nature

Feeding the birds is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to invite feathered friends into your garden and add some natural sound. To attract birds, your garden needs to be attractive to them all year round. A bird-friendly garden not only offers food but water, shelter, nesting sites and protection from predators. That might mean checking your feeders or bird table are in the right place. Not too far from trees or bushes (so birds can make a short flight to safety), but not too close either – predators like cats can use low shrubbery as cover before launching an attack!

Bird feeders come in all shapes and sizes. This example is solar powered allowing you watch both day and night feeders

image courtesy of Amazon

This multi functional buffet feeder with make them keep coming back for more.

image courtesy of Amazon

Want to get REAL CLOSE to the action without binoculars? This bird feeder has suction pads and can be attached to a window.

image courtesy of Amazon

The RSPS Big Garden Birdwatch offers some good advice on attracting birds to your garden. You might be surprised how many different species visit. Check this out below.

9. Let There Be Light !

Adding exterior lighting to your garden is not only functional allowing you to see at night, but can be use to create ambiance and highlight specific areas around your garden. There is a massive choice when it comes to outdoor lighting, but we highlight some of our favourites from the cheapest to the most expensive.

These solar powered imitation flowers can be distributed around your garden or gathered together to make a spectacular bouquet.

Led Flower light
image courtesy of Amazon

Led bulb lighting can be strung across your garden, great for parties and birthday events. This can be controlled via remote control timer and provide combination lighting modes, Waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/Flash, Steady on.

Outdoor bulb lighting
image courtesy of Amazon

Spot light can be successfully used to highlight and are or items in you garden. These solar power unit can be place anywhere in your garden, including mounting them to a wall or using the supplied spike. Spotlights should be used sparingly in the landscape and for accent lighting only. Use them to highlight an otherwise evenly illuminated scene, or to point out an interesting landscape detail or water feature.

image courtesy of Amazon

Philips Hue offer a great range of outdoor lighting that can be controlled with your phone, Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This is not cheap equipment , but it can create a stunning addition to any garden and that luxury high end look. This video below is from CES 2019 and showcases some new additions for 2019. Tech Guru and Youtube aficionado Tom The Tech Chap discusses.

10. Stylish Outdoor Seating

Sofas and loveseats are very comfortable to relax, you can invite everyone to share and it with you. So, if you like to gather with family and friends, get a large seating for your garden. Here are some ideas you may use for inspiration

This VonHaus Rattan Loveseat Bench is a great alternative to a traditional garden seat, This poly rattan loveseat features two high backed cushioned chairs and a glass topped table. Perfect for gardens and patios, the grey poly rattan basket-weave effect is stylishly offset by the included light grey seat cushion.

Love seat with glass top table
image courtesy of Amazon

Get cosy with this Alfresia Bali Polyrattan Island Sofa Day Bed. Stunning modular sofa bed with hidden coffee table so it’s perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Comfortable cream cushions with a matching extendable cover, offering shade when the sun is bright

Garden day bed and coffee table
image courtesy of Amazon

This 3-piece sofa set is perfect for a patio area or inside your summerhouse. Its easy to clean wipeable cushions make is easy to clean.

Kingfisher RSET1 KD Rattan Sofa Set - Grey (3-Piece)
image courtesy of Amazon

Its larger family sized brother Harts Premium Round Rattan Dining Set is perfect for those large family and friends gatherings.

image courtesy of Amazon

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