10 Design Tips For Small Bathrooms

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10 Design Tips For Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, trying to make everything fit in the available space can be a challenge. How do you maximise the space and place all the furniture in the correct place? We have some small bathroom decoration tips that will ensure you get the maximum from your limited space.

1. Planning

Small bathroom require some thought when planning were everything will go. First decide on what you want in the space. This may be a bath or shower, vanity unit, towel rail, storage etc. Your list might be longer that the space available, so if you plan to design your own bathroom then get yourself some graph paper and map out the space. Measure the dimensions of the room first, then most bathroom supplier website supply dimensions of the bathroom furniture you wish to add, so get the sizes and draw them on your graph paper. Alternatively ask your DIY store or local plumber to do it for you.

Sian Astley on behalf of Bath Empire (now Soak.com) has a great video below full of tips and advice on planning your small bathroom.

2. Make use of corners

Corners of rooms can be utilised fully by adding bathroom furniture designed to fit perfectly maximising the space. Corner sinks, corner showers and corner toilets will allow more room for additional furniture.

3. Wall hang the basin

In order to save space the basin can be hung on a wall. Modern basins come in a variety of designs and can be installed with a floating storage cabinet that can be used for soaps and towels or the storage of other bathroom accessories.

4. Use a Glass Shower Screen

If you are installing a shower over a bath in a small bathroom, then don’t use a shower curtain. Add a glass screen. This give the illusion of space in comparison to a closed shower curtain and has the added advantage of being easier to clean.

image courtesy of soak.com

5. Add a Large mirror

Mirrors are excellent in creating the illusion of space and of course a must have addition to any small bathroom. Ideally choose a large wall mounted mirror, mirrored cabinet or if you have a large budget then a bespoke mirrored wall might be what you are looking for.

6. Wet room showers design

Here is one of our favorite small bathroom design ideas , a Wet Room. By eliminating the use of a base around your shower, your flooring can be seamless and edge to edge. This works great with concrete, stone slab and tile floors. You can even incorporate a concealed or infinity-edge drain for a really seamless look. Plus wet room style showers are easier to clean.

image courtesy of Topstiles

8. Light painted walls when using dark floors

With small bathrooms, you want to be strategic with colour. Dark walls will make an already small bathroom feel even smaller. Light walls will reflect more light and make your small bathroom feel much larger. Reserve dark colors for the floor and keep the overall scheme light. You may chose some minimal tiling to match the floor, but don’t fill the complete walls.

9. Use a narrow basin

If you are really stuck for space, like in a downstairs cloakroom, then use a compact basin. These are functional, but at the same time save on valuable space. Being wall mounted they also allow you to combine them with a vanity unit for storage.

10. Use the same tile on the wall and floor

image courtesy of finn.no

Use a neutral tile both on the walls and the floor to make the space feel bigger and add a seamless flow through the room.

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