10 Boys bedroom decor ideas

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10 Boys bedroom decor ideas

Inspired ideas for your boys bedroom

If you need some inspiration to get you started updating your boys bedroom then you have come to the right place. We showcase 10 top decor ideas for boys bedrooms.

First-Get rid of that clutter

Before making a start its always good idea to have a bit of tidy up and throw away all those unwanted or tired items. This will give you more space in your finished room and maximise the potential to add new fresh accessories.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Now lets choose a design……….

1. Motor mania

Is your son is into cars or motorsport? Here is a great looking room inspired by Ford motors. The use of metal signs break up the plain brick wall.

image courtesy of Pinterest

2. Skater boy

If you have a budding Tony Hawk on your hands, then maybe you too can adapt this skater theme to your room. The use of the modern light fixing and industrial type metal bed and dark coloured wall, give this a masculine feel. The lighter carpet and lower wall section contrast nicely with the darker upper.

image courtesy of Pinterest

3. I am the music man…

This music inspired theme displays some great large wall pieces. The use of guitars and a symbol shows this guy really loves his tunes. The clever use of storage to hold his old Vinyl collection and funky tech inspired cushions finish the “Rock till you drop” theme.

image courtesy of Pinterest

4. Chic bunk

This chic bunk design is modern, clean and perfect for those families that have two boys of a similar age sharing a room. The clever split level design allows for plenty of storage for all your boys clothes.

image courtesy of Pinterest

5. Light up your special items

Built in storage around the bed is always useful to store items. The clever use of backlighting enhances the special items you wish to show off. I particularly love the Anvil as a stool.

image courtesy of DIY Creation

6. Bed storage

Keeping the clutter to a minimum can sometime be difficult. Using this lift up bed with built in drawers and shelves will help keep everything tidy and in its own place.

image courtesy of Zuvoria

7. Take me to the moon and back

Budding young Astronauts will be at home in the space themed room. The star filled ceiling and planet shaped lighting fixture will have you in dreaming of being the next Neil Armstrong.

image courtesy of Losangeleshomes.eu

8. Sailing the Seven Seas

This nautical themed room makes use of clever design and is fit for any young Captain and his ship mates. The use of the upper bunks with protruding ships bow shows the attention to detail that has gone into this. The porthole window between the beds, gives a fish eye view of your sleeping ship mate. Parents can ring the ship bell to wake the crew in the morning and call the sleepy sailors to breakfast.

image courtesy of Brit.co

9. Soccer mad

For the Soccer (Football in the UK) mad enthusiast, this sport inspired space makes use of balance storage shelves and rustic timber bad frame and headboard. A place to relax post match to review the teams performance.

image courtesy of Google.za

10. Gamers high-rise

This high-rise bunk save space in any small bedroom. The lower part doubles as sofa and with built in desk is an ideal place to invite you mate for a gaming session. The sofa then transforms into a bed should his mate wish to stay the night.

image courtesy of wedo.co.uk

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